Leicester Red-Thread Limited

Leicester Red-Thread Limited, was registered as a company limited by guarantee and co-operative on 9th November 2015. It is a not-for-profit organisation.

The Objects of Leicester Red-Thread are set out in the Constitution.

The LRT is undertaking work to develop a new Unemployed Workers Centre in Leicester, currently referred to with the working title, `Leicester International Workers Centre for Social and Economic Justice`. This Centre will fight for those unemployed and those in-work and in poverty, or at risk of falling into unemployment and poverty, including the Self-employed.

The decision to proceed with Leicester Red-Thread and the Leicester International Workers Centre is built on the support of the Trade Union movement locally and nationally. The TUC through Leicester & District Trades Union Council and County Association (L&DTUC) has awarded the Centre project a development grant.

LRT is undertaking social and economic development, project management and trade union supporting activities. These activities are reflected in monthly and annual reports and presentations to L&DTUC, consultation group meetings held at the GMB Leicester offices, and at other Labour and Trade Union movement organisations such as Unite Community and Leicester Social Forum. These meeting give evidence to the demand for a new centrally based Centre. Detailed research and planning for the new Centre is being undertaken to help ensure the Centres viability. The new Centre will utilise the vast experience of local and nationally based Trade Unionists and supporters.

The Constitution for LRT has been developed from a model provided by the Leicester Co-operative and Social Enterprise Development Agency. This has been amended to include the Objects and Membership criteria that is particularly Trade Union focused. Powers include borrowing.

The first Bank Account is with Unity Trust Bank, the trade union bank. The first funds towards the LRT are from the Trade Union movement.

The General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) is supporting the development with donations made to L&DTUC through the `Phone Co-operative` for a new unemployed workers centre in Leicester.

The name Red-Thread is multifaceted. It primarily seeks to unite trades unions and their members behind a new Centre, a trade union, community education and resource centre.